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When it comes to any project in the home, it is important to determine a reasonable budget that you are comfortable with that will allow you to purchase products for your home that meet your standards without compromise. When you decide to have new window treatments installed, this statement is just as true. To many people, window treatments may seem like an afterthought. But, when faced with the task of installing completely new window treatments in a new home or replacing old window treatments in an existing home, the importance of the decisions you make about which window treatments are installed in your home quickly becomes apparent. Window treatments are not merely something that covers your windows. Window treatments are a big factor in the overall design and feel of your décor, and they have a significant effect on the functionality of your windows in your home, influencing both your heating and cooling costs and the amount of natural light in your home, which will directly affect your energy usage. At Interiors: Blinds & Designs Inc. in Tyrone, GA can provide you with a free estimate for your next decorating project as one of our value-added services.

Ensuring that your window treatments meet your standards for style and function is incredibly important, and knowing what your budget for window treatments should look like is just as significant to your installation process. The worst scenario would be to discover and fall in love with window treatments that tick all the boxes on your function and style needs list, only to later realize that your budget will not allow for these seemingly perfect window treatments. Avoid this nightmare all together with Interiors: Blinds & Designs Inc.’s free estimates. Just tell us all the specifications for your project, and we'll provide you with an idea of the cost and work with you to choose the perfect window treatments for your home. Whether you are designing a new home or installing new window treatments in a preexisting space, our team of experienced professionals will give you a realistic budget estimate and show you product options within said budget so you can better prepare for the cost.

If you are ready to look at your window treatment options and discover the budget you should plan for when it comes time to choose and install new window treatments, please contact us and request your free project estimate today.